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Digital Antifa & Memes of Revolution: Communicating Radical Cyber Left Utopias on the Internet

Marie Dalle, Final thesis project, Master of Research in Communication Design, Royal College of Art, London

My Master thesis was the result of one year of research on the practice of politics on the Internet and how elements of user-generated communication design (memes, YouTube videos, websites, ...) played a role in the creation and spread of radical political ideas in the XXIst Century. I especially looked at the concept of a 'Radical Cyber Left' and their role in the fight against fascists and neo-nazi ideas online.

Final Degree Show presentation at the Royal College of Art, September 2019

'Research by Practice' graphic design and branding projects exploring the meme-ification of politics online and the visual codes used in the creation of viral ironic political content.

Performance project exploring the sociological profile of revolutionary meme-makers.

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